Custom POP/POS Displays From OCIP

Custom POP (point of purchase) /POS (point of sale) retail acrylic displays, which range in size from counter to big floor displays, are a useful tool for drawing attention to branded goods and exclusive deals, offer a sleek and modern look for showcasing products in stores. Their transparent nature allow for a clear view of the items, attracting consumers’ attention. The flexibility in design and customization options make them ideal for highlighting specific products or promotions effectively. There are numerous advantages to arranging POP/POS displays in retail spaces in a flexible manner.

Custom POP/POS Display

Selecting a POP/POS distributor with experience is crucial if you want to optimize the marketing potential of your business, At Orange County Industrial Plastics (OCIP) our team of professionals helps you every step of the way—from full manufacturing and fulfillment to your original display concept and prototype. Our comprehensive skills guarantee that you get the best possible design for your requirements. For each project with OCIP, a renowned leader in plastic fabrication, provides complete solutions and top-notch customer support.

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