Expanded PVC

Expanded PVC Sheet is a high density, expanded polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Expanded PVC is a very lightweight material that is easy to cut, machine and fabricate. Despite the fact that the surface of the sheet is smooth and firm, the interior of the sheet is porous. When it comes to printing, silk screening, and laminating, expanded PVC is an outstanding material.


In addition to being resistant to a wide range of weather conditions, chemicals, corrosion, and water, expanded PVC is a perfect material because it has excellent sound dampening and thermal insulation properties. This makes it an ideal material for your products since it ensures that they will survive for a long time.


Common uses are printed signs and visual merchandising displays. OCIP has one of the largest inventories of Expanded PVC sheets in the visual merchandising display industry. We carry all major brands of Expanded PVC sheets including Sintra®, Komatex®, Komacel® and Celtec®.



Brands we carry

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