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Visual Merchandising Displays

Within the retail sector, the concept of visual merchandising refers to the optimization of the presentation of items and services in order to better the characteristics and advantages of those products and services. Visual merchandising attracts, engages, and motivates customers to make a purchase.

Custom POP/POS Retail Acrylic Counter Displays

From counter displays to large floor displays, point-of-purchase (POP) displays provide an effective way to increase awareness for branded products and special offers. The flexible placement of POP displays in retail locations offers many benefits. Choosing an experienced POP display distributor is essential to maximize your brand’s marketing potential.

Our team of experts at Orange County Industrial Plastics (OCIP) guides you from your initial design concept and prototyping through full production and fulfillment. Our end-to-end capabilities ensure you receive the most effective product for your needs. As a recognized leader in plastic fabrication, OCIP offers turnkey solutions and excellent customer service for every project.

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What are POP Displays??

Point-of-purchase displays may consist of signs, lights, shelving, marketing material, and other elements that draw attention to specific products in the store. POP displays offer an effective means to market products in high-traffic areas throughout the store. A POP display enhances the in-store experience by driving customer attention to specific brands or sales using eye-catching visuals or 3D components. When appropriately executed, POP displays are an effective way to increase profits with minimal investment.

Types of POP Displays

Some of the most common types of POP displays include:

Freestanding Displays

Freestanding displays offer the most versatility among the various types of POP displays. This type of display is easily relocated anywhere in the store, from checkout areas to wide aisles, to take advantage of expected shifts in customer foot traffic. These standalone displays may incorporate any number of optional design features to draw in customers, such as words, signs, lighting, and more.

Dump Bins

Dump bins typically display individually packaged goods, such as candy or travel-sized health and beauty products. As the name suggests, these bins consist of a branded box filled with promoted products. Dump can also help increase sales on slower-moving items.

Endcap Displays

Endcap POP place products in front of customers as they move between aisles. Endcap displays mount on the shelving at the end of an aisle, typically containing shelving to hold products and facilitate easy grabbing by customers as they pass.

Banner Stands

While most POP displays allow space to display promoted items, banner stands only provide signage for the brand’s product. Banner stands are often larger than other POP displays but still mobile enough to easily position them throughout the store.

Additional POP/POS Products and Value-Added Services We Offer

Value-Added Services

  • Prototype to Full Run
  • Design, Graphics, Printing
  • Bending, Forming, Drilling
  • Digital Printing
  • In-House Fulfillment

Additional POP/POS Product Offerings

  • Custom Display Cases
  • Acrylic Fixtures, Sign Holders
  • Plexiglass Counter Displays
  • Sunglass, Cosmetic Displays
  • Custom Plastic Fabrication

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With numerous POP display models to choose from, finding the best one to fit your brand’s needs can feel overwhelming. At OCIP, our experts have extensive experience designing and manufacturing POP displays for products across industries. We can help you determine the best stand for your needs. Whether you already have ideas for your POP display or need help with design, our team is here for every step of your journey

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