Branded Visual Merchandising Displays

Over the course of more than four decades, OCIP has expanded its visual merchandising display manufacturing services and capabilities in order to meet the requirements and expectations of our clients. OCIP brings savvy insight to your project from start to finish and provides custom in-store design displays made from acrylic, PVC, styrene, polycarbonate, eagle cell and infinity board.

Visual Merchandising Displays

At OCIP, our designers are well versed in retail needs, and can design the best custom retail signage, floor stand, display stand, countertop display, endcap display, pallet display, etc. As an industry leader in custom temporary and permanent design displays, can ensure that customers will receive a variety of creative solutions that will fit your budget and meet your marketing needs. 

Some examples of branded retail displays OCIP can fabricate are:

  • Beauty, Health and Wellness Counter Displays
  • Cosmetics and Cosmetics Tester Displays
  • Skincare Displays
  • Eyeglass Displays
  • Sunglass Retail Displays
  • Consumer Electronics Displays
  • Haircare Displays
  • Wholesale store endcap displays
  • Beverage Retail Displays
  • Cannabis Displays
  • CBD Displays
  • Nicotine Product Displays

Permanent Branded Retail Displays :
Unlike temporary retail displays, permanent retail displays are designed to last years. Permanent retail displays are typically designed to market the brand and highlight the products featured in the display for a long period of time. These displays have been proven to boost sales, and distinguish your brands item from the regularly stocked shelves, and break through the temporary display items.