How does acrylic compare to other plastics in strength?

When compared to other clear plastics, acrylic is highly scratch resistant and lighter than other options. The strength benefits of acrylic compared to other plastics makes it a perfect choice for highly versatile requirements.

What are the advantages of acrylic over glass?

Acrylic is highly beneficial in its longevity and resistance to damage on impact. It also has many benefits in terms of weight, chemical resistance and temperature variations, making it the perfect choice for many applications.

How can your business benefit from POP and POS displays?

POP and POS displays offer higher engagement of your customers with your products. Proper placement of POS and POP displays can significantly increase your sales.

What type of saw blade is used to cut acrylic sheets?

A circular or table saw is recommended for cutting acrylic sheets, with a saw blade having the largest possible diameter. The saw blade itself requires a triple-chip design.

Are acrylic sheets available in different colors?

Yes. If you are interested in the fabrication of colored acrylic sheets, we highly recommend that you contact us at (800) 974-6247 to discuss your requirements and to receive a comprehensive quote.

How can you drill a hole in an acrylic sheet without cracking the material around the hole?

To eliminate cracking around the hole, it is important that you choose a drill with a helix angle on the bit within the ranges of 15-30 inches.

What are point-of-purchase (POP) displays?

A point-of-purchase display is a tool that is used to display your products in places that are separated from your standard aisle shelf, making them perfect for engaging your customers with sale or promotional items.

What are point-of-sale (POS) displays?

Point-of-sale displays are designed to engage your customers while they are taking part in their transaction. By displaying promotional products near your POS, you have a higher chance of making a sale.

What type of POP and POS displays are available?

We offer a huge range of custom POS displays, as well as POP displays that include folding displays, banner stands, dump bins, endcap displays, sign holders, display cases and more.

How accurate is cutting with lasers?

Cutting with lasers is one of the most accurate methods available on the market as lasers offer a smaller cut width as well as precision control of the laser through purpose built software.